The Fauci Crime Family

We first reported this in the summer of 2020

Now on March 26, 2023, it’s news

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March 26, 2023, article – about something we reported in the summer of 2020 – is here

The big thing this article missed, is Grady’s 1995 book “The Search of an AIDS Vaccine” in which she lays the foundation for the demolition of medical ethics as we know it which we also reported on and reviewed in 2020 – when it could have made a difference.

Interesting how many people are “piling on” now that it’s safe to do so and all the hard work has already been done. (See Matt Taibbi. I have my summer of 2020 emails to and from him and he could not have possibly shown less interest in our reporting then.)

The Nuremberg Code: 75th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

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Fauci’s First Fraud (Brasscheck TV, released August 2020)


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