The Fed + IRS = the War-fare state

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History they never teach

Did you know that there was no such thing as tax on personal income until after the Fed was created?

Think about this:

We already pay tax on every purchase we make…

We pay annual taxes on real estate we already own…

The price of everything we buy is jacked up to pay business taxes and the taxes they pay on the real estate they own…

And we have to kick back a huge portion of our wages too?

Why is this?

To pay the interest on government debt to the PRIVATELY owned Federal Reserve Bank of course. Otherwise, these taxes would not be needed.

Also included in the mix is the right the government reserves to incarcerate (“draft” is just a smoke screen) men of combat age and send them to fight for…fight for who exactly?

To fight for the right of the same bankers to collect interest on other crooked debts throughout the world.

See Major General Smedley Butler’s “War is a Racket”:

“War is a Racket”

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