The greatest evil?

The pharmaceutical industry

Creating slaves one prescription at a time

It may be hard for younger people to imagine this, but until the 1980s the vast majority of human beings who lived on this earth did so without everyday “help” from the pharmaceutical industry and its “meds” for every purpose under the sun.

Yes, there were drugs and most of them were useless, but drugs were prescribed for people who were seriously ill as a last ditch effort to keep them alive or functioning.

In contrast, today it seems that everyone from small children on up are on “meds.” Prescriptions that never end. “Maintenance” they call it.

Many of these drugs are seriously addicting. Few work and many more cause serious health problems.

Your health is far to important to leave up to the pharmaceutical industry and the doctors who have become little more than subsidized pill pushers.

One smart place to start is with food.

Here’s a site that will show you how to take care of a huge number of health problems with easily available, inexpensive foods.

The Real Food Channel

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