The guru of “systemic racism” fired for fraud

Chief Critical Race Theory grifter exposed

A story the news media doesn’t want to talk about, and Google/YouTube shunts to the back pages

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Are there racist bigots in America?

Of course, there are—and they come in all colors.

A special class includes people like Stewart, who make their livings sowing divisiveness and have made a business out of justifying the teaching “children of color” that they are perpetual victims and “white” children that they are intrinsically evil.

In point of fact, some of the most racist people in America are affluent blacks, which becomes obvious when you note how some of them view and treat low-income blacks. (Do you ever see Barack and Michelle Obama visiting and speaking out on behalf of the disadvantaged of any color other than for flyover photo ops?)

By the way, abusive and crooked cops, judges, and DAs (of which there are many) happily abuse people of all colors.


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