The history of political suicides

Three top cases in New York City

People who other people wanted to make go away

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Jefferey Epstein is the THIRD suspicious “suicide by hanging” by a politically dangerous person in New York City in the last 20 years.

Of the three, Epstein had the only clear motivation to kill himself, but his quick death surely is a great convenience to people with the power to have others killed.

“Suicide” by hanging is a VERY easy crime to stage. It’s quiet and fast. How fast?

10 seconds or less to choke someone into unconsciousness and 20 seconds to throw sometime around their neck, tie it to something and walk about the door. Faster, if it’s two people.

Another famous person with a black book of powerful people hung herself too – supposedly.

Then there is the accidental “suicide” of one of the most famous female journalists of all time: Dorothy Kilgallen. Just days away from “the biggest scoop of the 20th century” (tying the Kennedy assassination to Ruby and organized crime in New Orleans), she climbed on the mattress of her guest bedroom, full clothed with all her make up, and started reading a book he’s already finished reading upside down, and consumed an overdose of three different barbiturates, two of which she had no known access to.

Videos below:

“Suicide” by hanging in New York of Mark Lombardi

“Suicide” by hanging in New York of Aaron-Swartz

“Suicide” by hanging of the DC Madam

“Suicide” by overdose in New York of Dorothy Kilgallen

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