The history you were never taught

Reconstructing Ancient America – The undeniable reality

Randall Carlson (2008)

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There’s a tremendous amount of history that is not taught – or taught wrong – in school.

Perhaps the most amazing “oversight” is the reality that North America was populated by an incredibly sophisticated civilization.

How do we know?

They left massive structures: In Ohio, Tennessee, Illinois, Louisiana, Florida and elsewhere.

Thousands of them were destroyed and plowed over – but not all of them.

Advanced ground penetrating radar, satellite photography, and teams of bright, inspired researchers are putting it back together.

Why aren’t we taught this and why do TV channels like The History Channel ignore it and promote comic book-level nonsense instead?

If we knew human beings were once capable of this, we’d view our current “superiors” very differently .

Want more?

There’s more and taken as a totality, it’s ever more impressive.

Ross Hamilton and ancient energy systems in North America



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