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On this day in 2013, the news reported that Aaron Swartz committed suicide.

Bulletin: Nearly five years to the day of Swartz’s “suicide,” we are being told that his partner in programming James Dolan has “committed suicide” too.

James was an ex-Marine and computer security expert who was part of a three-man team with Swartz on the development of SecureDrop, an open source whistleblower submission system.

A statement from the Freedom of the Press Foundation:

“(James) poured his heart and soul into the work, traveling to newsrooms around North America to teach IT staffs and journalists in person how to install and use SecureDrop.

It is impossible to overstate how fundamentally important James Dolan was to the development of both Freedom of the Press Foundation and SecureDrop.”

The odds of two healthy young men who worked on a three-man team on a project of this nature both committing suicide are literally astronomical.

The mainstream news media has completely ignored this man’s death and no one has stepped forward with details that support the claim that his death was a suicide.

Reddit co-founder and computer prodigy Aaron Swartz helped stop Congressional criminals from banning free speech on the Internet.

In retaliation, the government put charges on him for a trivial offense that would have put him in jail for 35 years.

Reportedly he hung himself.

I note that the last person of his stature to die by hanging in New York City was Mark Lombardi, the artist who made intricate diagrams of the connections between the Bush and Bin Laden families and got them shown in the Guggenheim museum.

To me, it’s just as likely that there is an assassin based in NYC who is skilled at staging murders to look like suicide by hanging as it is that these two potent political figures hung themselves.

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