The JFK assassination update

Guests: Jefferson Morely, James DiEugenio, Russ Baker

State of knowledge

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The two defining moments in post-WW II US history:

1. The assassination of President Kennedy

2. 9/11

In this call, we get up-to-date on what we know and don’t know about the Kennedy assassination.

Guests: Jefferson Morely, James DiEugino, Russ Baker

“I quickly realized that the whole story of the CIA and Oswald had been covered up. The CIA was deeply interested in Oswald for four years before the assassination.”

The amount of official lying and the extent of the mishandling of basic evidence – including the autopsy – in the JFK assassination indicates that Kennedy was murdered by means other than a rifle shot from Lee Harvey Oswald.

What about 9/11?

Official lying and widespread mishandling of basic evidence.

Is it possible the US would murder thousands of its people to justify war profits?

What do you think Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan were and are?


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