The lie that started the first Iraq War

Brought to you by Hill & Knowlton

Step One: Lie. Step Two: Go to war

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This young woman is the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador, she is an actress and she is a liar.

Her lines were written and she was coached by US public relations firm Hill & Knowlton which was paid as much as $12 million to spin this tale.

The incubator story never happened, but it was the spark that turned the tide and got Americans to support the idea of sending their troops and treasure to bail out the corrupt family that rules Kuwait when they made the mistake of stepping on then-US-ally Saddam Hussein.

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The man running Hill & Knowlton’s Washington office was Craig Fuller, one of Bush’s closest friends and inside political advisors. The news media never bothered to examine Fuller’s role until after the war had ended, but if America’s editors had read the PR trade press, they might have noticed this announcement, published in O’Dwyer’s PR Services before the fighting began: “Craig L. Fuller, chief of staff to Bush when he was vice-president, has been on the Kuwaiti account at Hill & Knowlton since the first day.”

Did Bush negotiate with his ally Saddam Hussein right before Hussein seized oil fields in Kuwait it believed rightfully belonged to them?

Yes, he did.

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