The most anti-Constitutional justice
in the history of the Supreme Court

Meet the Koch Brothers candidate

Worked on the PARTIOT Act and the Bush torture policy

Judge Andrew Napolitano explains why “Bart” Kavanaugh is the most anti-Constitutional Justice ever to be appointed to the Supreme Court.

Some things you didn’t know about him:

* He was instrumental in drafting the PATRIOT Act
* He was a Bush White House lawyer during that administration’s orgy of torture
* The Koch Brothers and others spent over $10 million on media and lobbying to get his nomination approved

Over 200,000 pages of Kavanaugh of documents related to his Bush White House activities were blocked from release.

The Bush family (Senior and Junior) are thrilled that this thug now represents their interests on the Supreme Court. Bush Sr. personally thanked the addled idiot Senator from Maine Susan Collins for supporting him.

Serial liar, drunk, rapist, anti-Constitutional thug, pro oil and coal company tool…he’s now a Supreme Court Justice.

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