The Nuremberg Code Explained

“I was just following orders” is not a defense.

This video censored by Google/YouTube

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A lot of mainstream news people and other slugs take offense when they are directed to read the Nuremberg Code.

This is my answer to one of them (in this case the editor of a local newspaper.)

Bottom Line: Every media person, politician, celebrity, business owner, random busybody etc. who promotes experimental medical procedures without clearly describing them as such is in fact violating Nuremberg Code. This especially includes the criminals at Google, Facebook and Twitter who are not only promoting them with deceit, but are also aggressively censoring the public’s discussion of the matter.

Do you have an ideological, non-scientific reason to promote this vaccine? Fine. At least have the decency to ask the correct and accurate question:

“Have you received the experimental (i.e. non-FDA approved) vaccine yet?”

A two minute, cut-to-the-chase version

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