The Patriot Act – Part Two

Please protect us against cyber terror

Vacuuming up your personal data under CISA

It is often referred to as the Patriot Act II.

CISA (Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act) is a law meant to allow companies to share information on cyber-attacks — including data from private citizens — with other companies and the Department of Homeland Security. Hypothetically, if DHS had all the pertinent details as to some issue or case they were on, they could be passed along to the FBI and NSA for further investigation and, then yes, potentially, legal action.

Just days ago, the Senate passed CISA. Now the bill is on its way to President Barack Obama’s desk embedded in an omnibus budget bill. By sticking CISA into such a huge budget bill, there’s basically no way it won’t become law.

Critics see the bill as way for government agencies to more easily keep tabs on Americans without their knowledge. Take a look at what this bill will do.

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