“The Quiet Mutiny”

Vietnam 1970

A documentary from Australia

The movies “Good Morning Vietnam” and “Apocalypse Now” borrowed heavily from this 1970 Australian-made documentary about “grunts” in the Vietnam War.

Honest films like this are one of the reasons the Pentagon forbids its troops from talking to the media and makes sure all journalists are “embedded” i.e. self-censoring.

The Pentagon learned another lesson from Vietnam: Con good Americans into joining the National Guard so you can send them to combat overseas and tell them it was “their choice.”

In Vietnam, only 8,700 National Guard were sent to Vietnam, a tiny 0.3% of the total American military personnel who actually served there.

In the bogus “War on Terror”, 45% of the total force sent to Iraq and Afghanistan came from the National Guard and received about 18.4 percent of the casualties.

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