The real Elon Musk

What’s he really up to?

“Saving” Twitter is not enough

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What is Elon Musk actually up to?

He seems to be rattling the cage at Twitter, but what other things is he
involved with?

Short list:

1. Shill for self-driving cars, something no one asked for and no one needs, but will certainly restrict people’s freedoms
2. Shill for electric cars. No one likes tailpipe emissions, but that electricity has to come from somewhere – and we already know we don’t have enough electricity if everyone gets an electric vehicle
3. Shill for psycho-surgery and the implanting of electronic devices into people’s brains to…to what exactly, and why?

These are all Klaus Schwab favorites.

Past Brasscheck program on this topic – which virtually everyone else is ignoring

The “Zero” Movement and Genetically Based Mind Control Technology (2021)

Klaus Schwab and Peter Schwartz (inventor of the “Lock Step” scenario) (2021)


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