The real Martin Shkreli

Surprise: The media has been lying

“The most hated man in America”

Martin Shkreli has been called the “most hated man in America” for buying the rights to the drug Daraprim and raising the price significantly.

A few facts:

1. The drug in question is not an AIDS drug as reported by the press. It addresses a very rare and very serious medical condition.

2. No one has died from not having access to Daraprim. Those who could not afford it were given it for free by Shkreli’s company. Others were covered by insurance.

3. Shkreli has been putting the profits into developing a new – and better – drug for the condition. Before he came a long, the condition was completely neglected. Unlike the vast majority of Pharma CEOs, Shkreli actually has the intellectual and scientific training to carry out the work of creating better drugs.

Now he’s in jail on trumped up charges, specifically threatening Hillary Clinton.

Shkreli did not threaten Hillary Clinton. He offered to buy a hair from her to test if she were human or not. Number one, that is a legitimate question. Number two, it was obvious satire.

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