The short trial of Lee Harvey Oswald

Tried by the press, executed by a former Nixon employee

“Nothing to see here, move along”

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The last hours of the life of Lee Harvey Oswald before he was executed on live TV by Jack Ruby.

Jack Ruby was a gangster, a Chicago guy who was sent to Dallas to operate and who used a strip club as his headquarters where he interacted daily with Dallas police giving them free liquor and prostitutes. Very rarely spoken about was his role as a major market maker for narcotics dealing in Dallas

Previous to that, in Chicago, he’d worked as an enforcer for the Hearst newspaper chain during the sometimes violent competition for shelf space on news stands.

In his spare time away from California’s race tracks which he was known to frequent, he also spent time as a “campaign worker” for Richard Nixon’s first Congressional campaign.

Jack Ruby at the nexus of organized crime, US politics, corrupt police, the illegal drug trade, and dishonest news media – and most probably the CIA that works closely with all these parties.

“Nothing to see here, move along.”

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