The simple case for Israeli involvement in 9/11

Who wired the buildings?

Someone had to

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I am a logistically minded person which is why I instantly knew the “mastermind in a cave” story about 9/11 was utter nonsense.

The buildings were OBVIOUSLY taken down by controlled demolition, but here’s the logistical question:

What American bomb experts would be so psychopathic as to be willing to kill thousands of Americans?

Answer: Even with plenty of cold-blooded hit men running around, it’s not going to be possible to assemble an American team – and even attempting to recruit an American team would be dangerous because of the likelihood of one or more recruits blowing the whistle on the crime of the century.

So what do you do?

The answer is pretty simple: bring in outsiders who not only have zero allegiance to Americans but also have an overwhelming ideology that in their minds overrides any morality.

Who? French? The UK? Canadian? German?


None of them would go for it.

But Israeli true believers would.

People who feel that “poor Israel” is under attack and its very survival is at stake and that ANY MEANS to protect it is acceptable.

Israel has a vast pool of such people and it would not be hard to assemble a bomb team that has those beliefs.

Recall: the dust was still swirling when Israel’s prime minister was on TV gloating about how now, at last, the US would understand its pain and join its fight.

Mission accomplished.

If it was a controlled demolition, and apparently it was, then the question is: What monsters could have been hired and relied on to do the actual wiring?


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