The still un-prosecuted murder of Fred Hampton

First degree murder: Plain and simple

Fred Hampton was well spoken, he was out spoken, and he was a real community leader

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Fred Hampton was well-spoken, he was outspoken, and he was a real community leader.

And he was young. Just 21. He had a life of social and political action in front of him.

Then, with intelligence provided by the FBI, Chicago Police raided his apartment in the early morning, shooting directly at the bed he was known to sleep in. They missed his eight-and-a-half-month pregnant girlfriend – and him.

Then they cleared the room and finished him off with two close-range shots to the head.

The police report said that Hampton shot at them and refused to surrender.

The evidence shows nothing of the kind happened. He was murdered in cold blood.

No one has gone to jail for this yet – but there is no statute of limitations on murder, and many of the people involved in the killing are still alive, so we can hope. The law says they’re as guilty as the person who pulled the trigger.

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