The Syrian strike

Fraud piled on fraud

What’s really going on?

You don’t push the button on 59 Tomahawk missiles without MONTHS of planning. Trump, the ultimate Useful Idiot for war mongers.

Fraud piled on fraud.

Trump supposedly made his decision based on the pictures he saw?


All it takes is for this idiot to look at some pictures and that’s enough to order a massive military strike.

First reality check: Today’s missile strike had to have been planned many MONTHS ago, probably long before Trump was in the White House.

Pushing the button on 59 Tomahawk is not the same as a bar fight.

It takes very detailed planning: Which targets at what coordinates? which specific weapons systems and crews will be used? Programming the weapons – so they don’t stray and hit Tel Aviv.

Does anyone really think this was all sorted out in a couple of days?

Second reality check: It makes no earthly sense for Assad to have done this.

First, he’s winning. Chemical weapons are the weapons of losers.

Second, Assad’s ability to survive depends on the good will (or at least neutrality) of the world powers. He’d have to know that such an operation would destroy his chances for success let along survival.

Third reality check: The evidence is sketchy as hell as Jimmy Dore points out here.

Note: The producer of this video – Jimmy Dore – just had all the ads removed from his YouTube channel. This means an essential source of his revenue is now gone.

We have been under similar attacks for years.

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