“The Thistle and the Drone”

The wrong war against the wrong people

A very important book

Terror from the air.

Who is getting hit hardest by Obama’s (now Trump’s) drones?

Rural civilians – women, children, the elderly – most of whom have nothing to do with terrorism.

How did we go from “America’s War on Terror” to a global war on war on tribal civilians, mostly poor, mostly rural?

These people value freedom, honor, and community life and oppose centralized governments.

The governments of the countries these tribal people find themselves in don’t like them and are happy to use the America’s “war on terror” to eliminate them.

“For us it’s 9/11 everyday.”

Note: The author Akbar Ahmed assumes the official 9/11 story is true (i.e. a handful of men in caves engineered the seizing of four airliners with with box cutters and outwitted the US air defense causing two state-of-the-art modern office towers to collapse at demolition speed flawlessly into a tight footprint)

Clearly this is a flaw in his thinking.

However, his core message – that we are helping central governments of places like Pakistan and Afghanistan terrorize and destroy their “inconvenient” rural populations – is right on target and is a very important one.

Unfortunately, no one has done a great interview with him on his book so we’re going with what we’ve got.

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