The tide is turning

But keep fighting

Broadcast May 14, 2021

What a week!

The CDC tells the vaccinated they can take off their masks.

The New York Times admits that much of what they’ve been telling you the last 14 months was absolute BS.

Brasscheck analysis on what it all means and what is coming next.

The nitwits at The Hill partially catch up – a year late

What they missed:

1. The testing and thus the “case counts” were fraudulent
2. “Asymptomatic spreaders was fraudulent
3. The death count was fraudulent
4. Masks to “stop the spread” was fraudulent
5. “Social distancing” was fraudulent
6. “Everyone at risk” was fraudulent
7. “No natural immunity” was fraudulent
8. “The vaccine is approved by the FDA” is fraudulent. It’s authorized for emergency use which is most definitely NOT FDA approval.

Other than that The Hill is 100% up-to-date.

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