The Transgender Medical Attack Dogs

Organized and funded by the Pharmaceutical Industry

Creating a new market for a lifetime of hormone replacement drugs

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It’s a BIG business and the operatives work from the shadows, but whenever you see this kind of massive, organized, and rapid response, you know it’s paid for.

History: When adult women learned that synthetic hormone replacement therapy was giving them cancer, a multi-billion dollar market disappeared for Big Pharma.

The Chicago-based Pritzker family, which has a big stake in this industry, put their boy Barack Obama in the White House to help re-create it (among other things). That – and many, many millions of dollars of PR – is how we got where we are now, a very, very sick place.

More videos on this topic. More about the Transgender Medical Mafia.

Note: We’ve been on this story since 2019. Compare that with all the people who are only coming to it this year, now that it’s a “safe” topic.


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