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“The Real Anthony Fauci”

Tell reporter Kim Iversen about “HIV=AIDS: Fauci’ First Fraud”

Please write TV reporter Kim Iversen and tell her about “HIV=AIDS: Fauci’ First Fraud”

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Suggested text:

Dear Ms. Iversen,

Thank you for your reporting.

I know you’re interested in similarities between how Anthony Fauci handled AIDS and how he is handling CoVid.

This film (“HIV=AIDS: Fauci’ First Fraud”) which came out August 9, 2020 goes into this subject in great detail.

The film is cited twenty-six times in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s upcoming book “The Real Anthony Fauci.”



We recommend this grassroots group based in Minnesota both for the excellent information they share and as a model for local organizing: Masks Off Minnesota

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