“The ugliest economic data I’ve ever seen”

The Chinese economy unravels

The debt bubble stretching to the limit

Fact: The “recovery” was papered over by an explosion of debt in the US, China and around the world

Fact: The economic numbers around the world are very poor

Fact: China has grown dramatically in recent years – and that growth is pausing.

As for the “cartel holding the gold price down”, I don’t buy it.

Also, hyper-inflation is not a shoe-in. Massive deflation might come first.

I also don’t buy that gold is the only answer. Gold is part of the answer – and it’s not something to trade, it’s something to own.

Cash. Real cash. US bank notes in hand are another part of the answer.

And getting the hell out of the US financial markets – bonds and equities – is another part.

It’s “batten down the hatches” time.

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