The unasked question: How many people did they kill?

Yes, it’s been a crime against humanity since March 2020

How many died of simple neglect, dehydration, despair?

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It was all about marketing vaccines.

It was all about creating terror and censoring anyone – scientists, doctors, even Nobel Prize winners – who spoke sense.

It was all about suppressing treatments so that the maximum number of people would sicken, be hospitalized and die.

It was all about fraud – calling already morbidly sick people who happened to also test positive for SARS-2 “hospitalized with COVID” and calling entirely healthy people with positive test results “COVID cases.”

Brasscheck viewers knew all this back in March 2020.

Some new info for sure we now know that we suspected from Day One:

1. The vaccines don’t work.

2. They are positively dangerous.

We recommend this grassroots group based in Minnesota both for the excellent information they share and as a model for local organizing: Masks Off Minnesota

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