The unbridled hostility of CNN on display

Attack dog for Big Pharma

Anderson “CIA” Cooper Vanderbilt at work

How loathsome is Anderson Cooper and CNN?

Watch him operate as an attack dog for Big Pharma against a Congressmen whose grandchild was made autistic by a vaccine injury.

Clearly he had come prepared – and hostile – to undermine the credibility of someone asking that vaccine safety be studied and taken more seriously.

This issue lets you see into people’s true characters very clearly. I never did like Anderson “CIA” Cooper Vanderbilt. Now I know why.

Update: I just realized something…

Around 2:15 watch Cooper’s eyes.

The son of a bitch is reading off a teleprompter!

Some dirt bag is prompting him so that he can appear to know what he’s talking about.

In other words, this whole thing was premeditated and many people were involved. The question is who and why?

CDC, PR firms, Pharma, or some combination, got into CNN and coordinated this with the news director to set this thing up and they handed it off to ANDERSON “CIA” COOPER VANDERBILT to carry about the “hit.”

Now, to clean the poison out, here’s an intelligent discussion with ethical people.

Note: This video is from 2015. Note how they are recycling the “outbreak” hysteria.

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