The White House Lie Factory

Program length – 08:55

Treason is never old news

It must be pretty clear now – even to the densest of individuals – that Bush and his fellow weasels deliberately lied the US into the Iraq war.

So how does the US news media respond to a former press secretaries account of this reality?

They question his loyalty, his accuracy, his motivations.

And it’s largely working.

These questions have framed the discussion of the McClellan book.

Not the fact that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bush and Rove and Rice and Cheney lied, betrayed the country and did it for personal gain.

How many Iraqi civilians dead now?

How many US servicemen and women dead or injured gravely?

How many innocent lives destroyed?

And the f%$%ing brain dead news media is talking about whether or not McClellan was good team player?

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