Three interlocking frauds

The War on Drugs, The War on AIDS, the War on Money Laundering

Work by Eric DeCarbonel of Market Skeptics

For years, we’ve been reporting about Iran Contra, BCCI, CIA drug dealing, money laundering, media manipulation, and government black budgets.

Guess what?

Medical frauds are an essential gear in this government fraud machine.

This is why the Bush Family loved Fauci and are the ones responsible for putting him in power. (See the Brasscheck video on that. The ONLY one that deals with this subject.)

This is why a con artist who just happened to be Governor of Arkansas, the gateway to CIA/Contra cocaine was made president, and why Peter Buttegieg who worked on “monitoring” the heroin trade Afghanistan was made into a presidential candidate.

The whole presentation

If anyone knows where we can find Eric and send support to him for his work, please let us know – but please do not send us to defunct websites with no contact info. We’ve already found all of those.

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