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Making up the law as they go along.


Brutalizing people.

The Toronto Police Department in the service of corporate criminals and the politicians they employ.

On a positive note, as of right now (March 1, 2011), police in Madison, Wisconsin have refused orders to clear protesters from the Capital building there.

Note: Back in 1999, I reported that Black Bloc “anarchists” are actually welcomed by police where ever they go and allowed to commit highly telegenic acts of violence.

It’s always the same story: They attack police cars, banks and ATM machines and Starbucks (sic)

Invariably, police do nothing to interfere with, stop or arrest these people.

In fact, the police are ordered to stand down, that is until they’re needed to brutalize innocent people.

This is how it works folks. It’s the same deal over and over again.

Cheers to the Torontonians for figuring it out and for local news media and politician for at least making noises like they object.

I’ve yet to see a single American news outlet – right or left – get the first clue about this basic fact of life about politically motivated police violence.

My question – and I’ve been asking this since 1999 – is who exactly provides the money, equipment and training for these operations?

Clearly, the corrupt idiot thugs who execute them don’t have the intelligence to come up with these routines themselves. Their skills seem to be limited to assaulting young women and the handicapped.

What a disgrace to any man who has ever worn a uniform to be associated, even remotely, with human garbage like Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair and his “officers.”

They’ve indelibly disgraced law enforcement in Toronto, Ontario and Canada for generations to come.

Brasscheck reports on the mechanics of politically motivate police violence:

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