Training cops to kill

“Don’t be afraid of being sued…shoot”

The “wisdom” of Lt. Col. David Grossman

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There is a fundamental difference between the military and police work.

The bottom line job of the military is to kill people – that’s just a fact.

Police officers are supposed to keep the peace.

So why is a “shoot first and ask questions later” former Ranger a top police trainer in the US today?

And what is the connection between between “trainers” like Lt. Col. David Grossman (200+ talks per year) and the epidemic of unjustified lethal attacks by US cops on civilians – a phenomenon that is occurring in no other country.

Quotes from Grossman’s seminars for police:

“We are at war – and you are the front line troops in this war.”

“There’s only one way out…Don’t be afraid of being sued…shoot.”

“You will be vindicated.”

See the movie: “Do Not Resist.”


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