Trump and the Saudis

The biggest financial backers of radical Islam

It’s not a country, it’s a crime family

Some facts:

1. The “Saud” in Saudi Arabia comes from the “House of Saud”

2. The Saud family rules Saudi Arabia. There are no elections.

3. Saudi Arabia is the world’s biggest promoter of Wahhabi Islam.slam.

4. In July 2013, Wahhabism was identified by the European Parliament in Strasbourg as the main source of global terrorism.

5. The Sharia “law” that everyone is so up in arms about as practiced by ISIS is identical to the law of Saudi Arabia – and nowhere else.


1. Blasphemy is punished by death

2. Adultery if married is punished by death by stoning (women only)

3. Adultery if single is punished by 100 lashes (women only)

4. Stealing is punished by amputation of a hand

5. Drinkinbg alcohol is punished at judges discretion up to 80 lashes

And that’s where Trump went dancing – before he cut the legs off the 2,000,000 Cubans who own and work in privately owned business and had geared up for an influx of U.S. tourists.

Trump closes Cuba to US travelers

The hidden US-Saudi massacre of Yemen

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