Trying to talk sense to academia

Colleges teach delusional thinking

And families pay the bill

Do colleges teach students delusional thinking?

Yes they do – and they charge a fortune for it.

How crazy is it?

UCLA’s Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion makes $365,000 a year – not counting benefits or the massive pension after retirement.

Their job is to make sure no one ever feels uncomfortable, is never “triggered”, has a “safe space” to go to and is free from “microaggressions.”

This is just ONE salary at on public university and you know this person has a staff too.

Note: When Heather MacDonald, the speaker in this video, comes to campuses to speak, students stage demonstrations trying to ban her.

I wonder who is really behind these protests? After all, motivating college students to do anything, including getting up before noon, is hard work.

You don’t think the bureaucrats who are literally becoming millionaires by pushing this drivel are behind the protests, do you?

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