Untangling the “moon landing”

Where’s the debris field?

A Russian government official tells the simple truth – we’re all lying.

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What we think about what happened in the 1960s may not be what actually happened.

The MYTH: Oswald was a disgruntled “nut.”

The REALITY: Oswald worked for Naval Intelligence when he was a Marine, received $200 a month as an informant for the FBI, had top government security clearance, and met regularly with a known CIA officer, David Atlee Phillips, who ran Cuban sabotage efforts.

The MYTH: The US was the “victim” of a heroin epidemic in the ’60s and ’70s.

The REALITY: The US military looked the other way while the CIA and US organized crime sold heroin by the truckload to US servicemen in Vietnam. One in five came back from the war with heroin addiction.

Given this, it amazes me that some people are surprised that the “moon landing” was a total fake?

Here’s an obvious, common-sense reason the official “as seen on television” story doesn’t add up.


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