We live in a system of modern slavery

There are more slaves in the world now, 27 million, than at any other time in the world

Is there another alternative to predatory capitalism?

What is the stress within life that leads human beings to exploit each other leading to gross inequality? The richest one percent will own more wealth than the rest of the world combined by 2016.

In this episode of Russian TV, Abby Martin is joined by founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, Peter Joseph to discuss his vision for a better world outside the social organization of predatory capitalism.

The Zeitgeist Movement, founded in 2009, seeks to build global unity for a new world wide social system based on non-hierarchical structures, local lateral systems of development, while committing to thinking about global sustainability yet with a bias for acting locally.

With the moral position that ‘success’ equals public health, not ever increasing accumulation of capital, the Zeitgeist Movement seeks to build sustainable cultures and economies committed to radical new ways of envisioning and living life.

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