Weinstein, Savile, Epstein and other sociopaths

“It’s about our system”

Sensible commentary from Emma Thompson

Actress Emma Thompson talks about Harvey Weinstein.

She makes the point that he and these other slugs are symptomatic of a system.

They’re criminals, but because of the nature of their crimes they are tolerated because the crime of abusing individuals without power in this and other ways is so widespread by other “elites.” In fact, you could almost say the entire system runs on it.

Going after the individuals is important. Getting to the root of the problem.

Speaking of going after the problem, this journalist went after Epstein years ago and had her story dialed back by her editor at Vanity Fair.

Note: Ward refers to “very young, very foreign” women.

Foreign? The news media is talking exclusively about Florida and New York girls. Where did these “foreign” girls come from? How did they get to New York City? Why aren’t they being talked about now?

And, most important, WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?

Questions no one is asking.

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