What a Big Pharma dictatorship looks like

Failure to drug your children is “medical neglect”

Sending in the SWAT teams

We all have a sense of what a dictatorship looks like…

Brutal thugs being used to take people’s freedoms on behalf of power mad maniacs.

What does it look like when the dictator is Big Pharma?

No need to guess. Look here.

This is an extreme story, but not an isolated case.

The same industry that sells dangerous, fraudulently “tested” products has now acquired the teeth to use the violence of the state to compel you to “take your medicine” or in this case compel you to give it to your children.

In this case, the drug had 55 known side effects including diabetes, seizures, psychosis, homicidal ideation, hallucination, and death.

The first target: The poor and their children.

Does it get any worse than this?

God bless this courageous woman who displayed more bravery in defending her child than any ten soldiers.

Note: There are federally funded “resource officers” aka cops in many schools now. How long before they get involved in “enforcement”?

A brave and noble woman – but no happy ending.

Prosecutors go after Godboldo – again

Godboldo dies


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