What happened to flight TWA 800?

A CIA-FBI-NYT cover up

“They got away with it”

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It crashed on this day in 1997.

We now know who was behind the cover-up of TWA 800.

The leading researcher on the subject, Jack Cashill, brings us up-to-date.

There is no doubt that the plane was taken out by a missile, but the media changed that to an “unexplained” explosion of one of the fuel tanks.

Air traffic controllers saw it happen on their radar screens. Thousands of people witnessed it, and over 100 eyewitnesses—including pilots, former military personnel, and fishermen—came forward.

The FBI initiated a legitimate investigation.

Then the CIA got involved, and the story changed radically.

The FBI fell in line, and the New York Times printed whatever the CIA told them to print.

Hint: Whenever you see a slick animation that “explains” a high-profile event, chances are very good it was created by the CIA to sell their story to the ignorant news media.


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