Resources and references for What the Nurses Saw

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ACTIVIST Organizations Mentioned in the Book

American Frontline Nurses

Medical Justice for Minnesota

Nurse Freedom Network

Remnant Nursing

Canadian Frontline Nurses

The VAERS Project

Wellness Through Awareness

Hoosiers for Medical Liberty


Events cited in the book

Fauci pushing remdesivir – April 29, 2020 (excerpt from Fauci’s First Fraud)
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Nicole Sirotek’s Original Facebook Live video from New York Hospital – May 1, 2020
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Nicole Sirotek’s Testimony at Senator Ron Johnson’s COVID-19: A Second Opinion Roundtable Hearing – January 24, 2022
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NBC Nightly News Segment (Doctor pushing ventilator on a patient)
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Erin Marie Olszewski Interview on Tucker Carlson – June 11, 2020
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Melissa Fleming (United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Global Communication) at The World Economic Forum Sustainable Development Impact Meetings 2022 – Session: Tackling Disinformation – September 20, 2022. New York City.
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Interviews from the book

Original Brasscheck interview with nurse Erin Marie Olszewski
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Original Brasscheck interview with Kevin Corbett Ph.D.
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Fauci’s First Fraud
Watch Brasscheck’s full-length documentary on the AIDS fraud.
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What Happened in Ottawa? (March 6, 2022)
Watch Brasscheck’s documentary on the 2022 Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy.
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Excerpt from the Book

What the Nurses Saw – 15-page excerpt (PDF download)

From AJ DePreist and the Tennessee Liberty Network

Follow the Money – Financial Incentives to Hospitals (PDF download)

Follow the Money – Blood Money and Trojan Horses (PDF download)

Statement on Comirnaty (PDF download)

The original SARS: Lessons not learned from the 2002-2003 “pandemic”
David Crowe – January 31, 2020

Read the entire chapter (PDF download)

Articles by Katie Spence in the Epoch Times

UN Initiative Tasked with Targeting COVID-19 ‘Disinformation’ Quietly Vanishes (PDF download)

UN Initiative Targets and Doxes Doctors and Nurses Who Don’t Follow COVID-19 Narrative (PDF download)

Fired Over Ivermectin, ER Doctor Fights for Medical Freedom (PDF download)

For survivors and the family members of victims

The COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project
At this site, you can: 1) view video testimonies of over 1,000 victims of these crimes against humanity, 2) enter your own testimony to the public record, and 3) get a quick overview of the ways victims were defrauded, abused, injured, and murdered.

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