What’s wrong with Hillary?

The bizarre press event afterwards

Facebook and Twitter removes story from trending

If you depend on social media for your news (very bad idea), you’ll notice something strange.

The story of Clinton collapsing which is headline news on TV is NOT trending on either Facebook and Twitter.

That’s impossible…unless the two companies are monkeying with the trending results.

Anyway, what is wrong with Hillary?

And is Hillary using a body double.

Bizarre things about this video:

1. Where is her family? Wouldn’t you walk your wife (or mother) to the car after she’s taken ill?
2. Where are the people who normally accompany her everywhere she goes?
3. Where is security? (They are there, but way out of the frame.)
4. Since this is a “public” event, why is she so far from the cameras?
5. What’s up with the little girl?
6. Why didn’t she go to a medical facility?
7. Why is she bouncing around so animatedly less than 90 minutes after totally collapsing?
8. She’s been coughing uncontrollably for YEARS. Is that how long she’s had pneumonia?
9. Why does this woman move differently from Hillary and why does she appear to be several pounds lighter?

More about Clinton’s medical condition

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