When scams fail

Unintended consequences of the lockdowns

How humanity is overcoming the scamdemic planners

The law of unintended consequences.

As a result of the scamdemic, many people are making adjustments to their lives and thinking that WEAKEN the power of central authorities.

They’re taking a new, critical look at the “health care” establishment, “education,” and circling the wagons at home, specifically a massive growth in multi-generational living. 98% of those surveyed living in multi-generational homes say it’s a positive experience.

These three trends work against the central planners.

Smoking gun

Peter Schwartz, former Shell Oil intelligence officer and partner of Stewart Brand in the Global Business Network authored this report in 2010 for the Rockefeller Foundation. He now advises Salesforce.com, which is building “vaccine management programs” for the government.

You can read Peter Schwartz’s original “lockstep” report here

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