Where the money goes

Multiply by one million

$85 million stolen in broad daylight

Education, infrastructure, programs to help the truly needy.

We don’t have money for that.

But here’s just one example of how nearly $100 million is just thrown away.

$85 million given to a company to build a hotel in Kabul…the hotel is never finished…and the auditing agency never noticed.

The hotel is directly across the street from the US embassy in Kabul.

How do you miss that?

Also, look around the world. Where do you ever seen a US embassy with a building right across the street overshadowing it?

If in competence and corruption this obvious goes unnoticed, how many hundreds of billions of dollars go down the rat hole every year.

Final point: No one is accountable. Not the agency that gave the money. Not the company that took the money, didn’t finish the product and lied about it.

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