Who owns the biggest Charter School network in the US?

CIA-Friendly Islamists in Turkey

Killing public education

We’ve got a billionaire (by marriage) running the Department of Education…and she’s all for for-profit education.

You’ll never guess who runs the biggest chain of Charter Schools in America.

CIA-Friendly Islamists in Turkey.

So in a typical “kill several birds with one stone”, this operation is:

1. Funding Islamic fundamentalists in Turkey
2. Creating a slush fund for corrupt US politicians
3. Undermining America’s public school system which for all its many, many problems is one of the last bastions of democracy in the country
4. Creating an income stream for illegal, off-the-books CIA operations in the US and elsewhere.

What is the news media doing about it?


What are US politicians doing about it?


The film: http://killinged.com

More info on this:




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