Who started the Vietnam War?

John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles’ brother and the former Secretary of State

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What did Dulles know about Vietnam that made him so obsessed with not allowing it to become independent?

He knew this…

The business of selling opium to Vietnamese addicts was so huge that the revenue from this one source alone was enough to underwrite the entire cost of France’s “administration” of the country.

All the bureaucrats, their staffs, their offices, and the military occupation costs (troops, weapons, and bases) were all paid for by opium.

Vietnam was a cash cow, and Dulles knew it.

Later, the CIA, in partnership with opium-growing warlords and the US Mafia, coordinated to sell heroin directly to US servicemen with the approval of Richard Nixon, who received payoffs from the trade.

Approximately 1 out of 5 US servicemen who survived the war returned home with heroin addictions. They were dumped without support back into their communities, precipitating the serious crime problem in US cities in the 1970s. (The next major crime wave problem took place in the 1980s with the CIA.)

The amount of drug money generated in Vietnam was so substantial that an entire bank was founded in Australia – Nugen Hand – with branches all over the world to service the organized crime and CIA elements involved in the business.

One of the founders, the Australian lawyer who set it up, Francis Nugen, “died mysteriously” in 1980 as the bank came unraveled when it was revealed to be facilitating drug trafficking and money laundering.


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