Why CNN sells war

“Brought to you by Lockheed Martin”

Glenn Beck – Professional Jackass

Every now and then we win.

CNN – and in this pointed case Glenn Beck – likes to paint itself as a reliable, unbiased source of news.

For an “unbiased source” then do seem to have tremendous enthusiasm for promoting wars.

Could that have anything to do with the fact that Lockheed Martin pays its bills?

Media analyst Norman Solomon sucker punches professional jackass Glenn Beck with the facts. Watch Beck squirm.

What I wouldn’t pay to hear the transmission from the control room to Beck’s head phones as the news director – those nameless invisible creeps who control what we see on TV news – tries impotently to blunt Solomon’s point.

This is probably the last time Norman Solomon will appear live on CNN, but I say it was worth it.

Watch it, enjoy it and pass it on.

The truth made it to TV…for a few minutes as least.

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