Why Epstein was killed and who did it

The same people who set him up

Hint: The Mossad

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Former CIA agent John Kiriako spent time in prison for exposing the CIA’s torture program.

Here’s his insight into why Epstein was killed and who did it. Hint: The Mossad.

How did they do it?

That’s easy.

Two guys: One to stand in front of him and distract him. The other to get behind him and choke him into unconsciousness. That takes less than 10 seconds.

Then the two of them string him up. Depending on how prepared they are, that could take another 30 seconds to two minutes.

In any event, in and out and done fast and quietly, though other prisoners said they did hear a short shriek which would be consistent with the first few seconds before he went unconscious in the choke hold.

Note: We presented the theory of Epstein as Mossad agent in mid July.


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