Why people vote for Trump

They’re not racist or sexist – they’re pissed off

“As you reap, so shall you sow”

A lot of people are going to vote for Donald Trump in November.

Tens of millions of them.

Maybe enough to elect him president.

If you don’t understand why, this will clear it up for you.

It may be self-defeating to put a man like this in office, but this is what happens when you put millions of people in a situation where they have nothing to lose.

The establishment has f***ed over tens of millions of Americans – and now it’s payback time. Just be glad they’re not showing up with weapons.

As for Hillary…she should have been indicted and taken off the ticket months ago.

The Republican and Democrat parties have been revealed to be the cesspools that they are.

The mainstream news media has been shown to be a paid shilling operation.

The fallout from 2016 won’t go away soon.

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