Why so many died in New Orleans but not Texas and Florida?

The cover up

The US Army Corps of Engineers

Over 1,500 people killed in New Orleans in 2005 by a Category 3 storm.

Less than 50 in Texas, less than 50 in Florida and apparently less than 50 in the Caribbean which got hit head on by Category 5 storm.

How is this possible?

What made New Orleans different?

“Officials” are taking credit of course. “We learned so much from New Orleans bla bla bla.”

No. What happened in New Orleans was the US Army Corps of Engineers designed, built and maintained levees failed in over 50 places.

In some places like the Lower Nine and Lakeview, levee wall literally fell over and a wall of water (many, many tons worth) hit communities scraping whole house from their foundations, sending cars smashing through second story windows, and killing – most violently – over 1,500 people.

What happened next?

One of the biggest cover ups in American history, paid for with your tax dollars.

Before people could even bury their dead, the US Army Corps of Engineers kicked their public lying machine into high gear

For more information about this story and the risks people face all over the country because of faulty Corp engineering and construction, go to levees.org.

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