9/11 First the explosion and then the “planes”

Video special effects after the fact

“Planes hit the buildings story”

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Here’s just some of what’s fishy about the “planes hit the building’s story.”

1. There was a significant delay between the supposed events happening and the film appearing that supposedly confirmed them.

2. Many, many, many on-the-ground eyewitnesses said conclusively that there were no planes and that instead, explosions erupted from inside the buildings

3. An aluminum-bodied projectile cannot slice through stainless steel. If it could, we’d use aluminum to make anti-tank missiles which we most certainly do not. We use super-dense depleted uranium.

4. In the case of the Pentagon, one of the most videotaped places on earth, no video of a plane has emerged. However, the FBI did seize surveillance footage from local businesses and it has never been shown to the public.

5. There are several 100% absolutely clear indications that the video that was shown to the public as a “news event” was tampered with using well-known post-production video processes (not hard to do at all as this video demonstrates).


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