“The Palestinians cheered” hoax

No they didn’t

Who set this up?

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It was one of the most successful hoaxes of 9/11, so much so that one presidential candidate swore he saw it.

What he saw was a well-engineered hoax run on the American people with such speed, it’s hard to believe it wasn’t pre-planned.

While the Twin Towers were still burning, someone in Palestine closed off a single block and started handing out candy and other gifts to unsuspecting people on the street.

In exchange, they were told to clap their hands and cheer, sort of like the silly things that go on on the US TV show “The Price is Right.”

This video was then rushed to NYC network television newsrooms and played over and over again with the caption: “Palestinians cheer 9/11”

Afterward, the handful of people who’d been duped in this way expressed horror. They knew nothing about the attacks.

Look at the logistics here.

Someone had to:

1. Come up with the plan in the first place
2. Close down a street without pissing off local law enforcement
3. Arrange the services of a news-quality videographer
4. Get the video to all the television networks
5. Convince the networks to even look at it, let alone air it repeatedly
6. Getaway scot-free after running this hoax without being identified

That’s some fast thinking and fast action.

At a minimum, it was a despicable fraud. At a maximum, it was something much more sinister.


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