A sick method of harassment endorsed by NBC

Filing fake child abuse reports

A poster child case for news media maliciousness

One hundred years ago, Upton Sinclair wrote about the perversion of what we now call the mainstream news media in a book he regarded as one of his most important works: The Brasscheck.

It sold over 300,000 copies – self-published – and remains to this day the most hard hitting and detailed coverage.

And of course, it’s not used in journalism schools and you’d be hard pressed even to find a news media critic who has actually read it.

As experienced as Sinclair was with the fundamental dishonesty and smears by the press, nothing could have prepared him for this story.

A poster child case for news media maliciousness.

The article praising troll attacks on families with autistic children by NBC’s Brandy Zadrozny.
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The article on the phenomenon of sick, unethical people filing false reports with Child Protective Services to target people who have opinions they don’t like.
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NBC’s Zadrozny expressing outrage over people who expose pedophiles on Facebook.
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